Interlude - 2 is the first chapter for Volume 2.

Synopsis Edit

Powered by Wistram Academy's finest wizards, the first iPhone group chat happens, in which, among other things...

  • ... BlackMage calls all Earthworlders and they first think about connecting with everyone else.
  • ... 17 iPhone users participate in total.
  • ... it is revealed that everyone was abducted at different times.
  • ... the leveling system and world facts are discussed.
  • ... the American Group is revealed to have, among others, a [Clown].
  • ... it is revealed that not everyone who was abducted is a US citizen or even speaks English.
  • ... Batman reveals that "Kent Scott" is not a fellow Earthworlder and instead trying to take over the spell from BlackMage.
  • ... "Kent Scott" speaks to Flos.

Characters Edit

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