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Interlude - 3 is the 44th chapter of Volume 2.


After Erin has left, Magnolia and Ressa discuss the political status of Izril, with a focus on Liscor. Their wide-ranging topics show how detailed Magnolia's information network is. Important decisions are not made, although Magnolia wishes to send 15 more letters to Niers.

Niers, currently on a campaign against Grimvol, receives a letter from Magnolia, and dismisses it like all the others she has sent so far. He concludes his battle plans for tomorrow, then discusses his mysterious opponent with his students, with whom he has played already six chess games over the course of the last month, and they are now playing the seventh.

Another Chat with BlackMage and three others from Earth occurs - BlackMage has not been able to call Batman but reveals how he uncovered "Kent Scott". They confirm that all those who mentioned their names to that impersonator, have disappeared. They share some information, then decide to build a support network in order to get back home or possibly save the world.