Interlude - 4 is the forty-fourth and final chapter of Volume 3.

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  • Scarf
  • I offer an umbrella made from the sun’s light. To bring day into blackest night. -
    • "So long as Erin held the umbrella open, it would always be bright around her. The light would burn away her fears, burn away untruths and falsehoods."
  • "I have here a hangman’s rope. For those who live without any hope" -  
    • "He handed Erin a long, thick rope with a noose on the end. Erin tossed the end over one of the beams in the rafters and the others helped her tie it securely. She stood on a table, and put her head in the noose. Then she stepped off the table and hung there.
    • She was dead. Erin hung in her inn, dead. Minutes passed, then hours. Days. Years. When she took the rope off her neck, Erin smiled. No one had known she was alive. They all thought she was dead. While she hung there, no enemy would find her. It was perfect. She let the noose hang over her head as she turned."
  • "I hold a horn made of ancient bone. A thing to protect both hearth and home." -  
    • "He handed Erin a horn of pure white bone. It was cold to the touch, but when she put it to her lips and blew, the call echoed through her inn. It was a call that rose above the loudest horns of the battlefield, which traveled the world. Erin knew that in any part of the world, her friends would hear her call."
  • Ryoka's two lost fingers
  • Coin that shone white and silver
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