Invrisil, also known as the City of Adventurers, is a city located in Izril.

Geography Edit

Invrisil is approximately three hundred miles north from Celum[1] and 435 miles away from Liscor.[2]

Background Edit

The city gained its name as the city of adventurers by having largest population of adventurers active and retired on the continent.

Not just Gold-rank teams can be found there, even Named Adventurers are seen to pass through the city on occasion. It is said that "the markets are filled with magical items and wondrous things, like the parts of dead monsters and rare gems and artifacts.”[3]

Regisand Curle is the appointed [Mayor] for the moment. However, he is more of an administrator than one to set policy, as Lady Magnolia Reinhart has the power to persuade the city to adopt new policies or to take her point of view, but she rarely uses such authority. Day-to-day it’s usually just the Guilds and various nobles infighting.[4]

Buildings Edit

Guilds: Edit

  • Adventurer’s Guild
  • Mage’s Guild
  • Merchant’s Guild
  • Runner’s Guild

Inns: Edit

  • Crag Pig[5]
  • Landlocked Cove[6]
  • The Player’s Retreat

Bars & Tavern: Edit

  • Seatale’s Tavern (Closed)[7]

Shops: Edit

  • The Silken Touch (In the Cloth District)[8]

Theatres: Edit

  • Season Theatre

Districts: Edit

  • Cloth District[8]

Streets: Edit

  • Sedia Street[9]
  • Satin’s Way (In the Cloth District)[7]

Notable Known Inhabitants Edit

Trivial Edit

  • The [Guardsmen] seem to be biased towards adventurers. In case of a dispute between them and non adventurers they seemingly favor the former.[10]
  • Amongst the Goblins, the city is known as The Origin of Seeking Death.[11]


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