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Iratze is an Earther from Mexico that was teleported to Innworld. He is a [Martial Artist] living in Pomle.



Iratze is perceptive, being able to analyze a fighter's style. He is willing to share Earth concepts such as his fighting style and betting on matches, although some of his ideas can be somewhat absurd.[1] However, he is mindful of revealing the fact that he is from another world.


In Mexico, Iratze practiced mixed martial arts. He was transported to Chandrar with over twenty other Earthers and became the leader of the group. By the time they reached Pomle, only half the group managed to survive.


Volume 6[]

Iratze's group arrived to Pomle in the hopes of settling there, though they are required to have something useful to Pomle in exchange. Some of the group are unnerved by the violence inflicted by Orjin in his fight against the leader of the Windcaller's Wrath. However, Iratze is able to successfully defeat one of the Dullahan fighters with his mixed martial arts, impressing Orjin and the other Pomle fighters, thus allowing the group of Earthers to stay.[2]

Volume 7[]

Iratze is able to introduce the concept of displaying fighting matches in a scrying network and a betting system via Salii, bringing in funds to Pomle.[3]

Volume 8[]

Iratz witnesses Chein and Orjin's fight. Later he and some Earthers come up with various ideas for a separate training area, such as fifty-feet tall rock spires to train on top of, caves with [Darkness], and a place cast with [Gravity], which the other Earthers consider to be "ridiculous" and "anime."[1]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Martial Artist] Lv. ?[2]


  • He can speak fluent Spanish, which led Orjin to the assumption that he is Drathian.[2]


  • (To Mendi) “I…studied a different school than I think you know. Mixed Martial Arts. It’s called MMA. It’s similar to how you fight, but I think I can teach. A bit.”
  • (To Raul) “¡Oye, Raúl! ¡Cállate la puta boca!