The Iron Vanguard is one of the four mercenary groups that make out The Four Companies.

Background Edit

The reason for having that name is mainly due to the fact that they mainly have enlisted Dullahans, who basically are walking armors. That doesn't mean, though, that they soleley take Dullahans; anybody with good armor is allowed to join the company.

Their leader, a Dullahan as well, has established a base for the company in the north, where at least eighteen cities are under their protection.[1]

They are also called Armored Legion and Iron Legion.[1]

Military Strength Edit

Members Edit

 Known Members Edit

Former Members Edit

  • Sorolat - Grandmarshal (Deceased)

Trivia Edit

  • As a result of wearing good armor, all troops are known to be tough as nails.[1]
  • Their Dullahans have metal armor, which, opposed to the wood armor that weaker Dullahans only carry, is an indication for their strength.[1]
  • They were introduced as being "always at odds" with the Flowing Wind Company.[1]

References Edit

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