[General] Ironscales was a military leader from Oteslia, regarded as one of the Heroes of the Drakes.[1]

History Edit

About two centuries ago[2], a conflict between Oteslia and the families of Reinhart and El over a dispute regarding trade from Chandrar resulted in a clash north of Liscor, a rare exception to the traditional conflicts on the Blood Fields. General Ironscales was part of the Drake forces and her body as well as the Heartflame Breastplate in her possession were lost when her command was routed and she disappeared in the chaos. This is Ironscales' history as far as Pisces could recount it, but Selys Shivertail could also find books in Pallass about [General] Ironscales, among them the title General Ironscales, Assorted Myths and Factual Accounts.[3]

Zel Shivertail knew that Ironscales was slaughtered and her corpse disappeared[2].

References Edit

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