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Ishkr is a Gnoll from the Silverfang Tribe, and the [Head Waiter] at The Wandering Inn.


He has red-brown fur.[1]


A hard worker, Ishkr is the most dependable worker in the Wandering Inn. He is able to take most things in stride, which has allowed him to weather all of the inn-level events. He has a calm nature and doesn't allow himself to get sucked in to the chaos that frequently happens.



Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Head Waiter] Lv. ? (over 16)[1]
    • Derived/Promoted from [Waiter]


  • [Basic Cooking]
  • [Menu: Instantaneous Order]
  • [Thought-Provoking Statement]


  • Ishkr is lactose intolerant.[2]


  • (To Lyon) “I was born and raised in Liscor, yes? I do not know many of my tribe’s superstitions. Honored Krshia says the child is alright, so I will not mind.”
  • (To Erin) “I see we have new guests. I did not believe it when I heard the rumors, yes? Miss Erin would you like me to serve them? Miss Erin? Would you let go of me?”
  • (To Erin) “It says here…twang, twang, higher-pitched twang? How am I supposed to play that?”
  • (To Selys) “…I’m just working. I’d like to keep working, please.”
  • (To Erin) “I know Numbtongue is back, Erin. He’s been here ever since you left. You just missed him.”
  • (To Valeterisa) “Archmage Valeterisa, this is private property. Moreover, I would advise you not to do something you would regret.”