The Isolationists are one of the factions at Wistram Academy.

Background and Policies Edit

The Isolationists would prefer that the Academy stopped accepting new mages into Wistram altogether, and that aspiring mages find their way to Wistram completely on their own.[1] This would close the doors of Wistram to all but the most determined of mages.[2]

Isolationists prioritize the study of magic and disdain involving the Academy with politics. They are a small faction and often clash with the more mainline political groups.[2] For example, the Isolationists and the Centrist have a longstanding rivalry with each other.[3] But the Isolationists also clash with the views of the Revivalist[2], or the Libertarian.

Several of their most powerful members including Illphres challenged the Golems recently and were wiped out, weakening the group’s influence in the academy.

Members Edit

Current Members Edit

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References Edit

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