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Jasi Redigal is a young Drake Actress and Grev's older sister.


She has dark red scales.[1]



When she was a child, she was found abandoned, and raised by Human parents. They taught her to live among Humans and then had Grev before they split up unhappily. Her adopted mother found another man, the father just disappeared one day.

After the children were abandoned, Jasi found work as a [Washer] and she earned enough coin for her and Grev to survive; but couldn't properly take care of her brother, so he became a [Street Rat]. When Erin first met her, she only had a few levels as a [Washer], the scales around her claws, were paler and damaged, and some were even missing, revealing pale white skin underneath.[2]


Erin decided to help them both, but not by just giving them money. Instead she brought them to the Frenzied Hare where she and Agnes tried to find a new, less backbreaking profession for Jasi. When Erin discovered that not one person in Celum apparently ever witnessed a theater performance, she organized a play for which Jasi and Grev were among the first [Actors].[3]

That way, the two siblings became part of the core group of the Players of Celum. Jasi and the former [Guardsman] Wesle became the lead [Actors] as Juliet and Romeo.


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Famed Lead Actress] Lv. ? (over 30)
    • Derived from [Lead Actress], which was derived from [Actress]
  • [Washer] Lv. ?


  • [Audience Charge]
  • [Eidetic Memory]
  • [Perfect Imitation]
  • [Performance Supplies]
    • [Performance Supplies: 5 Gold]
    • [Performance Supplies: 10 Gold]
  • [Refinement by Accolade]
  • [The Actor’s Shadow]


  • Washing clothes for her [Washer] job, had scraped away the scales around her claws one at a time.
  • Her surname was revealed in Ch 6.63 P.


  • (To Erin) “Jasi. My name is Jasi, Miss.”
  • (As Juliet to Wesle) “You’ve not spoken a hundred words, but I already know that you are no Drake. Art thou not Romeo, a Human?
  • (As Juliet to Wesle) “I feel you do your hands too much discredit, sir. For after all, balms touch even [Queens] and [Ladies] – and if two hands should touch, well that too is like a kiss.”
  • (As Juliet to Octavia) “Give me the potion, you heartless [Alchemist]!”
  • (To Temile) “Temile. You think I don’t feel like I’m out of place? I was a [Washer] less than a year ago! I’m so scared I’ll spill wine and have to pay for the tablecloth I nearly wet myself!”
  • (To Drassi & audience) “Life’s but a stage. And we’re actors who fret every moment, Miss Drassi.”
  • (To Erin & Numbtongue) “Erin! Thank you so much for last night! And you too, Numbtongue! I knew The Wandering Inn’s curs—I mean, blessing would do the trick!”


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