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The Jawbreaker Tribe was a local goblin tribe near Liscor.


The Jawbreaker tribe was a small tribe about the size of the original Flooded Waters Tribe.

Their hideout was a secluded grove in a small valley in the Floodplains, and they paid a token tribute to the Redfang Tribe in exchange for a modicum of protection.[1]

There were two Hobgoblins in the Jawbreaker tribe, the one named Rockgaw being their leader.


In the winter after Erin Solstice's arrival, Rags of the Flooded Waters tribe led her goblins against the Jawbreakers, killed both of their hobs and integrated the tribe into her own.

The Jawbreakers were just the first tribe to fall, followed by the Sword Taker and Bloody Hand tribes.[2]