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Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar (Artistic rendition), Jecrass is in the northern part

The Realm of Jecrass is a kingdom of northeastern Chandrar, currently ruled by the dynasty of the Leysars.

Jecrass’ banner consist of a horse on fields of gold.[1]


Jecrass lies more than 2 weeks of travel north of Reim, Germina and Hellios. It is also east of Belchan, south of Medain and southeast of the Claiven Earth.

The geography of Jecrass is mostly flat lands. Several rivers flow through the land which are the source of Jecrass' wealth and power within the dry and hot Chandrar.


It is a nation more fruitful and richer in water than Reim. The vast plains of Jecrass are known for their livestock - sheep, cows, goats, and many other animals of pasture[2] - but most importantly, their fine horses.[3] Their horses are known as superior breeds, from warhorses to racers to sturdy plow animals.[2] Jecrass' breeding program includes magical horses as well, among others Pegasi, Kelpies, Galadrins, Nightmares, Bicorns and Zorses.[4]

Jecrass also grows food, in the king's private garden even oranges.[2] Jecrass exports some of its water to Khelt.[4]


Unter the rule of the beloved [King] Meriden Leysars, Jecrass submitted peacefully to Reim during Flos Reimarch's conquest of Chandrar. For that reason, he was part of Flos' phenomenal rise to rule over nearly all of Chandrar, but when Flos went to 'slumber', Flos' empire crumbled away. Jecrass had to pay some reparations to other nations that suffered under Flos' pillages, and the realm declined in power. [King] Meriden and his wife died a few years later, leaving [Prince] Raelt Leysars in power who was at that moment not well prepared for ruling his lands. Raelt managed dutifully to hold his nation together and keep its status as a major power of northeastern Chandrar, despite the tendency of his nobility to undermine his power.[4]

The cautious ruler of Jecrass has taken no open action against or in favor of Flos yet, after his 'awakening' and the subsequent declaration of non-aggression. In a parlay with Flos, he made it clear that he preferred neither collaboration nor hostility with Reim, and was not swayed even by generous offers that Flos gave him. His heir, however, is openly admiring Flos.


Jecrass is a monarchy with [King] Raelt as the head of state. His royal court consists of the River Wardens, which are the nobility of Jecrass (like [Lords] and [Ladies]) and hold considerable power in their own right. The River Wardens are the most powerful landowners next to the rivers and waterways, and thus control farmlands and pastures. Many river wardens take advantage of their possessions and subject their subjects to heavy taxation.[2]

Jecrass employs good relations to Belchan with current [Prime Minister] Lyfelt, and communication between their nations are done via enchanted busts of each other. In fact, the relationship to Belchan is so well that Belchan sometimes serves as Jecrass' proxy for fast diplomatic responses.[2] Lyfelt, who has a [Politician] class, often gave helpful economic and diplomatic advice to Raelt (unlike the Council of the River Wardens does), but may have pursued his own interests while doing so.


  • Meriden - [King] (Raelt' father - Deceased)
  • Raelt Leysars - [King of Challenges]
  • Jecaina Leysars - [Duelist Princess] = [Queen of Covenant]
  • River Wardens (Known):
    • Emile (), (father of Canrel - Deceased)
    • Winta () (Deceased)
    • Dulfe () (Deceased)
    • Cerani ()
    • Telimt (), (father of Liass (below) - Deceased)
    • Canrel ()
    • Mulre ()
    • Svinta ()
    • Elaire
  • Geril - [Head Servant] (Raelt's personal retainer - Deceased)
  • Aca - [Housemistress]
  • Lael - [General]
  • Meroon - [Strategist of Mobility]
  • Jecaina friends:
    • Liass
    • Mellia


When matters are urgent, Jecrass' nobility can mobilize a host of over 170'000 armed people in less than a day upon their [King's] behest, half of them mounted. Most of these [Riders] and [Soldiers] are not high-leveled however: it may be assumed that most of these soldiers are not part of a standing army, but include [Guards], [Warriors] and part-time [Militia].

King Raelt has made [General] Lael the commander of his forces and recently tasked her with increasing the standing army by another 5000 soldiers.[4]


  • "May the rivers run forever" or "May the rivers never run dry" are common farewell wishes of Jecrass, also widely known with other nations who deal with Jecrassians.[4]
  • Sariant lamb kebab is a Jecrassian special dish.[5]