Chandrar Detail Map

Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar (Artistic rendition), Jecrass is in the northern part

The Realm of Jecrass is a kingdom of northeastern Chandrar.


Jecrass lies more than 2 weeks of travel north of Reim, Germina and Hellios. It is also east of Belchan, south of Medain and southeast of the Claiven Earth.

It is nation more fruitful and richer in water than Reim. The vast, flat plains of Jecrass are known for their livestock - sheep, cows, goats, and many other animals of pasture[1] - but most importantly, their fine horses.[2] Their horses are known as superior breeds, from warhorses to racers to sturdy plow animals.[1]

Jecrass also grows food, in the king's garden even oranges.[1]


Jecrass was conquered or neutralized during Flos Reimarch's conquest of Chandrar, but after Flos went to 'sleep', it supposedly returned to its former glory.

The cautious ruler of Jecrass has taken no open action against or in favor of Flos yet, after his 'awakening' and the subsequent declaration of non-aggression. His heir, however, is openly admiring Flos.


Jecrass is a monarchy with [King] Raelt as the head of state. His royal court consists of the River Wardens, which are the nobility of Jecrass (like [Lords] and [Ladies]) and hold considerable power in their own right. The River Wardens are the most powerful landowners next to the rivers and waterways, and thus control farmlands and pastures. Many river wardens take advantage of their possessions and subject their subjects to heavy taxation.[1]

Jecrass employs good relations to Belchan with current [Prime Minister] Lyfelt, and communication between their nations are done via enchanted busts of each other. In fact, the relationship to Belchan is so well that Belchan sometimes serves as Jecrass' proxy for fast diplomatic responses.[1]


  • [King] Raelt
  • River Wardens (incomplete list):
    • Warden Emile (m)
    • Warden Winta (f)
    • Warden Dulfe (m)
    • Warden Cerani (f)
    • Warden Telimt (m), father of Liass (below)
  • [Head Servant] Geril, Raelt's personal retainer
  • [Princess] Jecaina
    • her friends: Liass and Mellia


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