Jelaim is a String Person and the leader of the Serpent Hunters.

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He has pale gold stitch marks around his neck, shoulders, bared midriff, and joints on his wrists, elbows and knees.[1]

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Jelaim and two of his companions, approach Orthenon to ask him if he can get them enchanted blades, due to their lack of envenomed blades to give to their trainees.

Orthenon hearing his problem, asks Mage Ulyse if Parasol Stroll is capable of enchanting Daiton’s blades for Jelaim’s warriors. Ulyse tells them that they can't help them due to Daiton’s blades being of poor quality for enchantments. Orthenon then tells Jelaim that they did bring a smith from the Tannousin Clan, and that he will inquire with her, after his Majesty has spoken with her clan, but until then, he has to make do with what they have. Before Orthenon departure, he tells him that Trey will be able to answer him any questions that he has.

Jelaim than turned to Trey and spoke to the boy. He laughed when Trey called him Captain, and corrected him for why the Captain term does not apply to him, and that if he must stick to honorifics, he can call Serpent Hunter Jelaim, or Hunter Jelaim. He then laughed again when Trey assumes if the Serpent Hunter term means that he hunt serpents, which he then explains is due to his [Serpent Hunter] class.

He then tells him about the new recruits that his group is training, and why they only take String People into their ranks. He then was asking him if he could intercede to Nawal for them, but stops as they should await his Majesty returns first.

Before retreating, he says that his group will have to teach without venom, and that they may perhaps use dyes to make the recruits understand how a single cut to themselves is deadly.[1]

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  • [Serpent Hunter] Lv. ?

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  • Long, Curved Blade - Enchanted and Poisoned

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  • (To Trey) “Ah, Trey! So you’ve caused another stir! And so early yet! Not even lunch past. Have you finished your meal? I wouldn’t wish to bother you while you eat.”

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