Jelaqua Ivirith, also known as Ivirith the Tempest, is a Selphid, and the leader of the Halfseekers, a Gold-Rank Adventurers team.


Human Body: (Formerly)

A death female Human body, with deathly white skin and perfectly black eyes, that wore a black chainmail.[1]

After having the top of her head severe by Regrika,[2] it was sewn together, and while the stitches were hard to see at a distance, up close they were noticeable.[3] Over time the black stitches around her forehead started looked slightly loose, and the severed bit appeared pallid and rotting. It also started to smell a bit, in which she had to cover the scent with a strong lavender smell.[4]

Drake Body: (Formerly)

After losing her old body during the Moth's Attack on Liscor, she got a female junior Drake body, with grey-green scales. The body is fit and has a scar along the side of the mouth.[5]

Raskghar Body: (Currently)



Jelaqua has been adventuring for 33 years, making her the most senior adventurer in Liscor prior to the arrival of the Pallass adventuring teams.[6]


Powers and Abilities


  • [Iron Tempest] Lv. 33 (derived from [Flailmaster])[7]




  • When Typhenous was still young, he had heard of Jelaqua, who was a Silver-rank adventurer at that time, coming from Baleros to Izril.[9]
  • She is 51 years old and has been adventuring for about 33 years.[10]


Volume 2

  • (To Halrac) “Use your eyes. This has gotten too big. Stop fighting and let’s talk.
  • (To Ceria) “Ceria Springwalker, my name is Jelaqua Ivirith. I’m leader of the Halfseekers or, as you might have heard of us, the Half Freaks.”

Volume 3

  • (To Zel) “I have a soft spot for children, and those shunned by others. And it seems like this young Gnoll is both. Let me help find her; I’m a Level 33 [Iron Tempest].”
  • (To Erin) “I believe so. My name is Jelaqua Ivirith. I lead the Halfseekers, who you see before you.”
  • (To Seborn) “No idea, but I’m curious, aren’t you? I heard stories all over Liscor about the crazy innkeeper, but we missed all the action. I want to be up close and personal for this one.”
  • (To Seborn) “See? What did I tell you? Isn’t she great?
  • (To Ceria) “Wait, Gazi? You mean, Gazi the Omniscient? That monster? How does a girl like Erin know her?

Volume 4

  • (About the Inn) “It’s never boring here. Never. I could eat and watch this all day if I wasn’t worried my body’s stomach would explode.”
  • (To young Drake) “I’d be ready to run, kids. Maybe write a letter to your loved ones, if you have any. Best advice? Don’t go down. You’re going to die.”
  • (To Erin) “Bad things always happen. You think you’re special in that? I lost over half my party in another inn. Tragedy doesn’t care where it happens.”
  • (To Erin) “Do you know how many people shudder when they hold my hands? Do you know how many people think Moore eats people? A chance. Dead gods, I guess I’ll try anything once.”
  • (To Erin) “You heard them. Sentimentalists, that’s us. Okay, let’s do this.”

Volume 5

  • (To Yvlon) “This is a Gold-rank adventurer’s responsibility. It’s not the same as being Silver-rank. When you reach our level you swear an oath to fight. We don’t run, not when a city’s at stake.”
  • (To Garen) “You’re a filthy liar, Garen. Do your tribe know you’ve been lying to them all this time? Or have you told them your story of what happened?”
  • (To Garen) “You keep saying you were betrayed. And they did wrong, Garen. I can’t deny that. They shouldn’t have threatened their teammate. Not like that. But. You. Killed. Them. And that we do not forgive.”
  • (To Redscar) “He was our friend. Our comrade in arms. I wish I could have stopped him. He was our friend, but there’s no forgiveness. Some things you forgive. But other things you can’t.”

Volume 6

  • (To Maughin) “True! She’s cunning. But I swear, she could make a Centaur get off his high horse and laugh!”
  • (To herself) “Vases. He’s got good taste in them. I like pottery. I can like pottery. And we have lots in common. Tons! He’s from Baleros, I’m from Baleros—and we’re both into weapons…he really likes my personality. Aha.”
  • (To Seborn) “I just—I don’t want to go! I like him! He’s the first person I’ve found that I like. Why can’t I stay? It’s not fair!”

Chapter Appearances

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