Jenkil Thert, self-styled ‘Ratwhisperer’, was the top [Fence] of Filk, with connection to the small criminal scene of Filk.

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He was a greasy, arrogant man.[1]

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Ryoka had sent Charlay to Filk to buy information on the new Riverfarm Witches, especially Belavierr. He demanded 3 gold in advance payment for that research.[1]

Once he knew how high the bounty on Belavierr was, the Ratwhisperer proved uncooperative and planned to auction off the location of the [Stitch Witch] and her coven. Fierre paid Daufica Longshel 8 gold, with orders to set his business on fire. However, the [Fence] was already killed by Belavierr's curse when Daufica and her [Thugs] got there.

He was found with his tongue stitched to the roof of his mouth. His nose was sewn shut.[2]

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  • [Fence] Lv.[1]
  • [Broker] Lv.[1]

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