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Jungle Tails is a mercenary group that was formerly a Great Company before being defeated and supplanted by the Forgotten Wing Company.


Jungle Tails is a predominantly Lizardfolk company, which makes up most of its forces.

They are led by a council whose members are referred to by symbolic titles that represent various facets of species related to Lizardfolk. Those positions are meant to come with abilities but it's not certain if Jungle Tails have retained the methods.[1]Under them are the Nagatine Scions, their [Generals]. And further down the chain of command are the Serpent Leaders, the company-commanders.[2]

It is described as the largest company,[3] with the most soldiers. Part of the reason why Niers Astoragon defeated them is that when their nagas died, they fell back and let the weaker Lizardfolk fight, who while numerous would refuse to enter a slaughter zone. Niers punished them for that weakness.[3]

Military Strength[]

Jungle Tails has a large number of infantry. One Nagatine Scion is expected to lead as many as one million Lizardfolk.

As most of their forces are Lizardfolk, they employ many Naga evolutions, including rare and lesser known evolutions.


  • Leadership
    • ??? - Dragontouched
    • ??? - Wyrmgraced
    • ??? - Serpentborn
  • Peclir Im - [Chamberlain]
  • Fezimet Tusqual (Deceased) - Nagatine Scion