Kaliv is a kingdom of Terandria.

Overview Edit

Kaliv is a predominantly human kingdom that lies in high altitudes and the north of Terandria. It is many centuries, if not some millenia old.[1]

The kingdom has mostly settled high plateaus and even a mountain. For that reason, it is poor in arable land, but also not a target of preference for most enemies, much like the Dwarves.[1]

The small kingdom borders the similarly small Calanfer, Gaiil-Drome and the large nation of Ailendamus. From Kaliv, the seat of the Order of Seasons can be reached within three days of Griffin flight.[1]

The military elite of Kaliv consists of a [Griffin-Rider] airforce and a Goat-Rider cavalry, the latter being mounted on Giant Goats that live in the mountains of Kaliv. The airforce can easily assemble 800 [Griffin Riders] on a whim. A proper war force of Kaliv includes around 2400 [Griffin Riders] plus ground forces.[1]

Government Edit

The ruler is traditionally called the Griffin King of Kaliv. Kaliv's ancient seat of power is a wooden throne in an open-air throne room, which makes thick winter garb necessary to wear even in spring.[1]

The current Griffin Queen of Kaliv is Novakya, who has at least two children: Her firstborn son, the Griffin Prince, and a daughter.[1] Novakya has a skill that allows her [Griffin Riders] to move three times as fast as without her.

Chronology Edit

28 years before the events of book 6, the war of Petril’s Folly had set Kaliv, Calanfer and Gaiil-Drome against Ailendamus and six other nations. The three allied kingdoms had been able to survive that war.[1]

The Griffin Prince was exiled in disgrace by his mother after he had made a foolish bargain with the Stitch Witch Belavierr[2], over nine years ago: She had torn him apart and stitched him back together as a part of a deal to grant him invulnerability against blades - as long as Belavierr lives.[3]

When the Order of Seasons cornered Belavierr, she threatened to kill the Griffin Prince unless Novakya set out and stop the Order by force. Novakya complied,[1] but the Griffin Riders could not arrive at the Order's Headquarters in time. While Belavierr ultimately survived, the current status of the Griffin Prince is unknown.[3]

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