The Kallinad Family is a noble family in Terandria.

Geography Edit

The [Duchy] of Kallinad covers a small southeastern coastal area, famed for its wealth in shipping.[1] They are part of the Kingdom of Pheislant, a naval nation.[2]

The Kallinad lands are close to the headquarters of the Order of Seasons.

The Kallinad family has a long-standing feud with the Havrington family, who are rulers of a [Margraviate] or a [March], possibly also of Pheislant.

Family Members Edit

The family is considered large. For centuries, Kallinad has not been involved in a major schism - which is a split between feuding family members over matters of succession.

  • The current [Duke] Kallinad (name unknown), currently married to his second wife.
  • Delicha Kallinad, married to a [Baron] of Ailendamus
    • her children are designated to be successors of Kallinad[2]
  • Talia Kallinad, [Lady]-Dame [Summer Knight] in the Order of Seasons (Wil's half-sister)[1]
  • Wil Kallinad, [Strategist] in training under Niers Astoragon in Baleros (ninth-purest family member, as of volume six)[2]
  • Girent Kallinad (age unknown), engaged to Lady Cassicel Havrington (13)

Trivia Edit

  • Wil's mother is allergic to dogs, so the Kallinad household only has cats.[2]
  • A third-aunt of Wil suffocated in her sleep, supposedly drowned in cats.[2]
  • The engagement of Girent Kallinad and Cassicel Havrington was announced to pacify the feud between Kallinad and Havrington, but it is a political landmine to blow up since Cassicel's grandfather Bevil had his first son - her father - with a Lizardwoman.

References Edit

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