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Warning! This page contains spoilers from recently released chapters. Proceed with caution and acid jars.

Kasigna, also known as The Three Woman in One, is a Dead Goddess. She is the Goddess of Death and the Afterlife.


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TBA From Chapter 7.22 D + Solstice (Pt. 2) (Flashback and Mentioned)


TBA From Solstice (Pt. 2)


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TBA From Chapter 8.11 E


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Powers and Abilities[]

As a goddess, Kasigna's power derives from belief and worship. As the Goddess of Death and the afterlife, she exterts control over all ghosts and can command to bow to her. Kasigna is more powerful than Laedonius Deviy and Cauwine despite not having a connection/pact as she is literally in her element. She is able to gain power by consuming souls en masse.[1]


"Dead State" from Lack of Worship[]

While Kasigna is able to gain power from people remembering the concept of gods, she is currently in a weakened state due to everyone in the world believing that "the gods are dead." As such, she is trapped in the land of the dead, unable to travel to the living world except during auspicious events such as solstices or a double full moon.

Umbrella made from the Sun's Light[]

While in the land of the dead, she is vulnerable to the sunlight emitting from the umbrella, ironically offered by him in the first place, which reveals his rotting corpse.[2]

King Arthur's Sword[]

The dead gods fear King Arthur's sword, suggesting it can hurt and damage them.[2]

Weapons of Faith[]

She can also be hurt by weapons which hold amongst people, such as Avel's sacred bow, though not permanently.[3]



  • To Ryoka:
    • “That is a long story. We can tell it, but perhaps…young woman, would you offer me your hand? I wish to sit next to you and it is cold.”
    • “What is that you have with you, child? It is a thing of ice and dreams. Not good company for the fire.”
    • “I offer again. Hold my hand, child. Be free of your worries with me.”
  • (To Cauwine) “Cauwine. You pale. Does that Archer-King with a bow pierce your flesh?”
  • (To Erin) “This is not over, girl. Even if you return home—it will never be the same. You may forget us, but we will never forget you. We will hunt you down and make the living world a reflection of your despair. Our time has come.”