Keilam was Halfseekers' third mage until Garen killed him.

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Keilam was the Halfseekers' third mage. The reason he joined the group was because of him having been a half-Gnoll and half Cat-tribe Beastkin. He had inherited his feline ancestry, but there was enough Gnoll to make him both sinuous and strong. This made him too barbarian for the Cat-tribe, and too strange for Gnoll tribes. Wit and laziness came to him in equal measures.[1]

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  • [Mage] Lv.

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  • Garen killed him before Keilam could even cast a spell.[1]

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  • (To Halfseekers) “That’s right! Here’s to Gold-rank! I knew we’d make it! Let’s have another party!”

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