Keldrass is an Oldblood Drake, a Gold-rank adventurer and the Captain of the Flamewarden.

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He has bright green scales. He wears a thick, plate armor burnished bright gold and a face opening helmet.[1]

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As an Oldblood Drake, Keldrass is able to breath a jet of blue flames.[1] Unfortunately he can't control his flame as well as some other Oldblood Drakes do,[2] which causes his voice to rasping and having smoke or blue flames issued from his mouth every time he coughs.[3]

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  • Blue Fire Breath

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Trivia Edit

  • While he appeared for the first time in Chapter 5.35 H, his name was revealed in Chapter 5.38.
  • Due to his lack of control over his fire breath, he has to speak in short bursts so he doesn’t accidentally immolate anyone in front of him.[2]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Ilvriss) “Flamewardens. Gold-rank. Here to challenge Liscor’s dungeon.”
  • (To Bevussa) “Can’t let thosenorthern teams show us up. They’re still fighting.”
  • (To Toren) “Miss? Miss. Let’s bury your friend. You can’t do anything more for her. You found her—you did it.”
  • (To Bevussa) “Okay, fine. I’ve benefitted from her. And so has Liscor. But she’s not always right.”

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