Sir Kelm is an [Autumn Knight] high up in the command order of the Order of Seasons.

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He is an older man.[1]

His knightly armor is red and brown.[2]

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He represented the Order of Seasons during the Games of Daquin, although the expedition of 128 [Knights] to render support to [Strategist] Wil Kallinad had been organized by Wil's sister, Talia Kallinad who also participated. Aside Kelm and Talia's [Knights], the expedition also consisted of Teoring [Lancers] under command of Lance-Commander Wylint.[2]

He returned to the Order's headquarter together with Talia, only to witness the crisis with Belavierr.

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  • [Autumn Knight] Lv. ?

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Quotes Edit

  • (To Wil) “I and a hundred and twenty six of my peers have joined Lady Knight Talia by her request. We understand this is a non-lethal confrontation and have equipped ourselves accordingly—”

References Edit

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