Kelthor was a summoned construct that belonged to Revi.

Appearance Edit

Kelthor was a tall man, dressed in bronze armor, holding a mace and shield. His face was completely blank.

Personality Edit

Background Edit

After Kelthor died, the memory of his soul was imprinted to a summoning construct that was used by Revi's grandmother and later by Revi herself.

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Halrac estimated that Kelthor was around Level 25. Not enough for a Gold-rank with his poor equipment, but certainly the equal of any Silver-rank adventurer. That said, this estimation was based on the strength he had when he was in Revi's possession. Kelthor was even stronger when he was still being used by her grandmother.

He could move extremely fast. Even in armor, he seemed to leap from spot to spot, so that each step covered ten feet.

He had some resistance to a [Terror] spell, as he only paused under its effect.[1]

Equipment Edit

  • Low quality bronze armor, maze, and shield.

Trivia Edit

  • It was noted that Kelthor wore ancient armor, implying he was very old.
  • Shortly before he died Toren thought he saw a smile cross the man’s face before, possibly indicating that Revi is mistaken and the constructs have minds after all.

References Edit

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