Kerash is an Undead Draugr Gnoll, and Az’kerash's 1st Chosen.

Appearance Edit

Kerash is a tall skeleton of a Gnoll, equipped with a massive battleaxe, faded silver armor and a circlet that shines in the moonlight.[1] He is considered a giant among his kind, seen by him even being as tall as Venitra.[2]

Personality Edit

He is proud.[3]

Background Edit

Over a century ago, Kerash, the beloved Chieftain of the Gnolls who some had labeled the first King of Gnolls, was slain by Az'kerash. As a result, the Gnolls had started calling him Az’kerash, or Slayer of Kerash.[4]

Chronology Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Unlike Venitra, who had been created by nothing by his perfect mind, Kerash had been reanimated from the dead.[5]
  • He is the first of Az’kerash's Chosen.[6]

Quotes Edit

  • (To Intruders) “I am Kerash, Commander of the Endless Legions of Az’Kerash. Die with honor.
  • (To Zel) “I am my master’s loyal servant. That is all you need to know before you die, Drake.”

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