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Khelt cityscape by Demonic Criminal

Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar (Artistic rendition), Khelt to the west of Reim

Khelt is a kingdom of northwestern Chandrar.


The kingdom makes heavy use of Necromancy. The capital is Edojaf.

It lies to the west of Reim in a distance that can be covered easily in two days.[1] In its east, there is only the Zeikhal desert and beyond that the Empire of Sands.[2]

Water is the most important resource of Khelt: produced with Oasis Tears, delivered by magic like hydromancy, or simply imported from other countries. The 'spent' water is stored for another use in large caverns.[3]


In the current form, Khelt was founded by Khelta several thousand years ago. However, Germina is still a much older nation.

Fetohep mentioned that his predecessors regularly ruled for several centuries and in some cases millenia. By assuming a reign of 500 years per ruler, this makes Khelt a nation over 9000 years old.

The third [King] of Khelt was Thekheldan, in whose reign Khelt nearly fell from the apathy and excesses which were customary among the living citizens of Khelt. This necessitated reforms, which proved successful.

There have been periods where Khelt bowed to outside [Rulers] and lost its souvereignty, but Khelts [Kings] could always shake off those chains before. This was what happened again when Flos Reimarch became the King of Destruction and Fetohep was forced to pay him tribute in food, coin and allowed a thousand citizens to join Flos' armies. Khelt became independent again when Flos supreme reign over Chandrar ended.[3]

Fetohep was resolved to not allow Flos that influence again.



  • Edojaf - Capital City


  • Forest of Nemask[4]


Khelt has a monarchy government were the ruler becomes a Revenant [Undying King/Queen] in succession. It is traditional for rulers of Khelt to abandon their names of family as they serve their nations with no personal bias.[5] More TBA

Known By Order:[]

  • Queen Khelta - 1st Ruler
  • Queen Heris - 2nd Ruler
  • King Thekheldan - 3rd Ruler
  • King Izimire - 17th Ruler
  • Queen Xierca - 18th Ruler
  • King Fetohep - 19th Ruler

Unknown Order:[]

  • King / Suzerain Serept
  • King Razzimir (Ruled during the Creler Wars era)
  • Queen Akhta
  • Queen Zushe-Greso (ruled for 1,900 years)
  • King Tkayl
  • Queen Emrist
  • King His-xe
  • King Dolenm


Khelt's ruler has absolut command over the undead workforce and armies. The armies consist of, according to several assessments, endless numbers of undead who can be raised from the ground at the will of the Khelt's ruler. The undead are so vast that 40,000 skeleton warriors are considered a message.[3]

Within Khelt’s land the Undead warriors are stronger, faster, deadlier, and imbued with the knowledge of combat. But elsewhere they become mindless and weaker, as Khelt's ruler’s power extended across their domain and weakened with every mile. Khelt's ruler could still sent them to attack their enemies, but they would most probable get lost to the desert, turned into an undead horde that might well attack someone else or simply be lost. As such Khelt's ruler have to rely on politics and gold abroad, like [Assassins] to kill their enemies outside the kingdom. But within even the King of Destruction would beware invading Khelt.[4]

Only when Khelt's ruler personally leads the army out of its borders do the Undead warriors retain their strength and control.[5]


All citizens are encouraged to pursue whatever passion and destiny they like, while food and shelter and many services are provided by the undead laborers. Among that is cooking, attending the king and occasional guests.

The citizens of Khelt work for four days a week, and much less time than people of other nations. Physical work is not required. However, after their death, their bodies are reanimated to serve for menial labor. For that reason, there are no slaves in Khelt.

Citzens may leave Khelt if they wish, but this revokes their citizenship and birthrights. They may return to Khelt, but all immigrants (not only former emigrants) are required to bring something worthwhile into the Kingdom.[3]


  • Khelt is technically at war with about six Terandrian Kingdoms.[6]
  • Currently there are 200 half-Elves living in Khelt.[4]