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Warning! This page contains spoilers from recently released chapters. Proceed with caution and acid jars.

Khelta, also known as Queen Khelta, was a powerful Necromancer and the founder of Khelt.


Erin Solstice considered her "sort of short."[1] Her eyes were pale white with a hint of brown, and her skin was native to Chandrar (probably dark).[2]


She had always loved the living and the dead equally.[3]

She seemed to disapprove of Fetohep's crusading and warrior tendencies, viewing him as impetuous.[2]


Khelta grew up in a small city called Koirezune, which was eventually lost to time.[4]

21,000 years ago, Khelta founded Khelt[5] amid sand and dust with a vision of safety.[3] She named the capital city Koirezune, after her home city.[4] Countless species flocked to the newly founded nation, and her magic was respected like all other kinds. She had walked every land in the world.[3]

Khelta attended the Gnolls' Meeting of Tribes four times. In those days, the Meeting of Tribes occurred every two hundred years, placing a minimum range of 800 years for Khelta's lifespan. During the first Meeting of Tribes Khelta attended, the last Unicorns of the Vail Forest of Izril came to trade the horns of their dead, and a Dragon attended who demanded a tribe fight for her, which nearly came to a miniature war.[5]

Khelta was the greatest [Necromancer] (and just as great of a [Queen]) the Quarass has ever met in her thousands of years of existence.[6]



Powers and Abilities[]

Khelta was the greatest [Necromancer] the Quarass had ever met.[6] In Kasigna's domain, Khelta was able to cut reality and make a barrier the god could not cross. She was able to summon Erin Solstice's soul from across Kasignel. By the weight of her class, Khelta was able to momentarily resist being consumed by Kasigna.[3]


  • [Queen of the Eternal Necrocracy] Lv. ?[7]




  • She has a dislike of slavery, and did not treat with or tolerate Roshal during her reign.[2]
  • Khelta was regarded as a true master of necromancy even by Dragons.[2]
  • Of all the rulers of Khelt, her reign was the shortest. She was also the only one not to become a Revenant.[2]