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Killale / Kilalle[1] is a minor nation of northwestern Chandrar.


Detail Map of northeastern Chandrar, Killale to the west of Tiqr.

Killale's population mainly consists of Garuda tribes, also called the flocks of Kilalle. Their territory consists mainly of the Kilalle steppes, located in the west and northwest of Tiqr.


Killale had strong ties with their more powerful neighbor Tiqr - to the point that the people were believed to be allies. But when Tiqr was attacked by a coalition of nine other countries, three of them as mighty as Tiqr, Killale's military was inferior and didn't lend any aid in the combat.[2]

However, they received several hundred thousand refugees from Tiqr, followed by Tiqr's army under the command of [General] Vasraf who was given leave by Empress Nsiia before she surrendered. He fled Oliphant to the northwest into Kilalle territory. The alliance against Tiqr didn't pursue for fear of persisting Garuda raids in the following years, so they allowed them to flee.[3]


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