King Arthur is a mythical figure from Earth that has occasionally been alluded to by Earthworlders so far. Strangely enough, the Frost Faeries claimed to knew the man as well as his legendary sword.

Frost Faerie allusions Edit

As the Frost Faeries learned that Erin was from Earth and could see and speak with them, they professed knowing her world. They refused casual talk “Unless ye’ve brought Calabrum with ye ta this world”, then teased Erin with alternate names of Calabrum: Caliburn, Kaledvoulc’h, Calesvol, Escalibor and The Sword of the Once and Future King. As Erin recognized the last name for Excalibur and linked it to The Sword in the Stone, the Faeries gave up on the fool who mixed up these two legends.[1]

Five days later, Erin told Ryoka about the Faeries knowing Arthur, and the Faeries called him a stupid wanker. Ryoka also made the connection between Caliburn and the Sword in the Stone, and the Faeries refused any further comment on the topic.[2] Later that same night, a Faerie intruded into a dream of Erin and wheedled out the permission to gorge herself on "all the sugar in your kitchen". In return, Erin found a sword in the stone and drew it out in her dream, but was prevented from taking it out of the dream by the same faerie who claimed that she was “not a king, but you would be, and twice damned to take what is not yours”.[3]

As Ryoka got to know Ivolethe better, the Faerie told her King Arthur stories after Ryoka loudly assumed that Ivolethe wouldn't know anything anyway: “I was there when the boy became a king! I witnessed the instant the true king fell, and I have seen countless miracles besides! I saw the three kings die to each of Lugaid’s spears! [...] I will tell you for the one true king of Camelot! His sword still sits in Avalon, waiting for his hand to draw the ancient blade!”
Afterwards, Ryoka had to listen to the tragic end of the tale of the King of Knights. His kingdom in ruins, his knights dying on the field, and only the hope of his eventual return to keep spirits strong in the dark times to come. Thus, the King of Camelot closes his eyes and breathes his final breath.[4] Ivolethe also knew the person behind the legend of Myrddin, probably indicating that Merlin had little to do with King Arthur.

Ivolethe later made another reference to the King of Knights,[5] but the relationship between the Faeries and King Arthur was dropped from the story, with the abilities of the Faeries to apparently travel both worlds not further explained; this being their largest secret apparently.

Trivial allusions Edit

  • Erin pointed out that King Arthur stories never mention innkeepers.[6]
  • Trey pointed out that King Arthur would reveal himself after his incognito episodes.[7]
  • Flos wasn't impressed by Arthur stories told by Teres and Trey, stating he was just a pawn of fate. Pulling out swords from stones isn't measure for a king in Flos' opinion, either.[8]

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