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Kirana is an Earthworlder woman and currently the [House Manager] of the United Nations.




She is from India and was teleported to Baleros, where she and Priya and some more girls were eventually taken in by the United Nations. The men in their group had been executed by Centaurs after the group had been caught stealing,[2] and it was Kirana who led the remaining Indian girls out of the jungle. Even later she acted like an older sister to Priya, which includes both bossing the girls around and comforting them. They all know the same Indian language.[3]


After she was rescued by the United Nations, she took over the duties of Paige as [Cook] and started to keep the United Nation's house in order.[4] She knows how to make toothpaste and turned out to be quite familiar with the 'exotic' dishes of Baleros.[2]

She was eventually persuaded to offer the UN food (which she previously only cooked for the UN members) like a street vendor, in Talenqual[3] She even managed to turn snake meat into a good dish. Other dishes of her include dum aloo,[5] poori[2], dahi kebab[3] and naan bread.[1]

Becoming the person responsible to keep the UN headquarters in order has shaped Kirana into a figure of authority, allowing her to level in a [Manager] class. Recently, she 'decoded' the diary/journal of the deceased [Explorer] Dev for the the UN group.[1]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Cook] Lv. ?[2]
    • Below level 15 in early Volume 6[3]
  • [House Manager] Lv. ?[1]
    • Derived from [Housekeeper][6]


  • [Spot the Culprit]



  • (To Daly) “It’s called poori. It’s a popular breakfast at home.”
  • (To everyone in the room) “We have wonderful snacks!”
  • (To Dawson) “No drinking from the bottle, please!