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Kishkeri was the Gnoll [Archmage of the Eternal Grasslands].




In ancient history, when Gnolls were still found among the [Mages] of Wistram, Kishkeri was one of its Archmages. It happened so long ago that there are no written records but only legends. It was said she created one of the grand spells of her era, [Seas of the Everflowing Grass], with which she saved a continent, though it is neither known from what nor how.[1]

She also founded the Plain's Eye Tribe on Chandrar,[2] and had even created the Eternal Grasslands, which is a new type of yellow grass that is capable of keeping water and living in the driest months.[3]


TBA From Chapter 8.38 H

TBA From Chapter 8.43

TBA From Chapter 8.58 PFH

TBA From Chapter 8.85

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Archmage of the Eternal Grasslands] Lv. ?[2]
    • Derived from [Shaman of the Eternal Grasslands][4] and [Archmage of Grasses]?[5]


  • [Seas of the Everflowing Grass]


  • She was mentioned for the first time in Interlude - Krshia, and made her first official appearance in Chapter 8.38 H.
  • Before being known as the Archmage of the Eternal Grasslands, she was known as the Archmagus of Seeds, which annoyed her terribly.[6]


  • (To Garuda [Archmage of Sky] & Stitch-Man [Sage of Wonders]) “I don’t understand. Hrr. It’s literally a straight line. Why is she drawing a loop here?”
  • (To [Vision of the Desert]) “I…don’t know. Perhaps he is not as important?”