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Klbkchhezeim, mainly known as Klbkch, is an Antinium who is the Revalantor of the Free Antinium Hive, as well as a Senior Guardsman of Liscor.


Preregeneration (Worker Form)[]

He looked like all the other Worker Antiniums, with antennae, large black bulbous eyes, a dark brown chitinous body, four arms and two long pincers coming out of its mouth. He has a pair of swords at his sides.[1]


After his rebirth through the Rite of Anastases, Klbkch has a more humanoid form with only two arms and a slim, graceful body, not like a Worker’s or a Soldier’s,[2] that is slightly taller.[3] This form has been shown as superior to the Worker model.

Upgraded Postregeneration[]

After purposely suffering from heavy body harm, he have the Antinium Queens upgrade his form while healing to something close to his original body.

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Klbkch is a pragmatic and stern individual, placing the Antinium's well being above everyone else's—including his own and the [Queen]. While acting as a [Guardsman], he is a charismatic and kind leader. He is polite to everyone around him, leading him to be well liked by the city enough—so that he was voted in to become a Senior Guardsman—a heavy feat.

Inside the Hive, Klbkch is a focused and strict ant. Despite his seemingly cold exterior, he protects his hive with pride. He is calculating in his actions, and is willing to cut any loose ends if it means getting his goals accomplished. For instance, he was ready to kill Pawn for learning about the existence of gods from Erin, and only relented from Pawn's pleading. On the flip side, his sense of duty and steadfast nature can act against him, causing him to either be cruel in demeanor. He also considers himself to be a cog in the machine, which lead to one of his many deaths.


10 years ago, Klbkch and his Hive came to Liscor,[4] hoping to find there a way to create Individuals and by extension stronger Antinium, who might allow them to defeat their ancient enemy that forced them to flee from their home in Rhir.

At one point he started to work for the City Watch as a [Guardsman], intending to improve the image of the Antinium in the city. Despite the bad reputation the Antinium usually have, he became a very respective member of the community. That is shown by him having managed to become a Senior Guardsmen[5], which means that at least 400 people had to have voted for him.


Powers and Abilities[]

Before he was reborn he was the fourth-strongest Guardsman in Liscor [6] and also the fourth-highest-levelled.[7]


  • [Assassin] Lv. 14
  • [Commander] Lv. 18
  • [Diplomat] Lv. 11
  • [Guardsman] Lv. 13
  • [Swordslayer] Lv. 21


  • [Appraise Foe]
  • [Detect Guilt] (Unknown if he still has it after his latest rebirth[8])
  • [Enhanced Movement]
  • [Evasive Leap]
  • [Mirage of Cu—] (full name yet to be revealed)
  • [Reassuring Presence]

Original Skills:[]

  • [Recaptured Sublimity]

Lost Skills:[]

  • [Continuous Cut]
  • [Silver Illusion: Whirlwind of Blades]
  • [????] (Unnamed) - A Skill that allowed him to deflect a blow with his swords, even if he was being assaulted by considerable force. He could also use it to knock aside a ballista bolt at point blank range.[9]

(For Leveling History see Here)


  • 2 Enchanted Silver Swords: 2 swords made from some strange metal, and forges in a strange way to the sensibilities of other species. They can cut enchanted gear, and are impervious to acids, even those that can eat away mithril.[10]
  • Enchanted Cloak: Impervious to at least blast, acid and lightning.[10]
  • Light and Mobile Equipment Set:[11]
    • Ring of Metal
    • Ring of Hops
    • Single-use Amulet of Dispel
    • Backup Daggers Enchanted with [Ignition] and [Pain] respectively
    • High-grade, Healing Potions (x3)
    • Mid-grade, Stamina Potions (x2)
    • Tripvine Bag
    • High-yield, Explosive Oil Vial
    • Mid-yield, Explosive Oil Vial
    • Potion of Swiftness
    • Potion of Vanish


  • His full name was revealed in Ch 1.24.
  • Once in the past, when he hadn't even been a Prognugator and still a pure warrior, he was a Level 44 [Swordslayer] and a Level 26 [Assassin]. He hadn’t had any levels in either [Commander] or [Diplomat].[12]
  • The loss in levels of [Swordslayer] and [Assassin], are the result of numerous deaths and revivals.
  • He was named Klbkch the Slayer, thanks to the skill [Continuous Cut], which he got at Level 40. With it he was able to strike down enemies with such speed that he could eradicate entire battalions by himself over the course of a battle.[9]
  • According to Tersk's Queen, Klbkch is the most stable and trustworthy of the three remaining Centenium.[13]
  • Unlike Xrn, Klb experienced many deaths; during the First and Second Antinium Wars—and even before that.[14]
  • Zel killed 2 people Klbkch called friends (possibly 'Rehab' and 'Mellika' as mentioned by Xrn) during the Antinium Wars. None were able to rise again with the help of the Rite, implying that they had less than 10 levels at that time.[15]
  • Klbkch fought longer for the Antinium than the Queen of the Flying Antinium had lived.[16]
  • It was implied that he lived for centuries in Ch 2.41 and confirmed in the Glossary.