The Knights of the Petal, also known as Rose Knights and Order of the Petal, are Lady Bethal's personal order of warriors.

Background Edit

All members of the order wear red-pink armor, hence the name Rose Knights.

The Knights of the Petal take any insult against their [Lady] or their order to heart. They’ve thrashed officers who’ve laughed at them and they’ll break bones if anyone insult's Lady Bethal.[1]

Military Strength Edit

The Knights of Petals seems to consist of a bit over 80 [Knights] or a variation, such as [Magic Knights]—one of which was capable of casting [Grand Fireball]. All are high leveled individuals, powerful enough to kill numerous Hobs.[2]

Equipment Edit

It is said that their armor is all custom-made Dwarf work and is enchanted by Wistram mages. They’re nigh-invincible against mundane arms and they all have magical weapons.[1]

  • Red-pink enchanted armor that remains undamaged even when Hobs attack it with full strength, or when hit by lightning spells.
  • Magical weapons capable of, for instance, splitting steel shields, emitting jets of fire, leaving freezing cold air or sharp after-trails of light in the air that cut whatever they touched.

Members Edit

Known Members: Edit

Former Members: Edit

  • Evimore - Deceased[5]

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References Edit

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