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Krshia Silverfang is a Gnoll [Shopkeeper] in Liscor. She is the leader of the Silverfang Tribe in Liscor and a member of Liscor’s Council.


Krshia drawn by flauschesoeckchen

She has brown eyes and dark brown fur. Krshia's eyes are especially noticable, as they don't possess a sclera; each one consists solely of one pupil sourrounded by a brown cornea.[1] She is very tall, even taller than Ryoka, meaning she has a height of more than six feet.[2]


Friendly and helpful, Krshia was one of Erin's first friends in Liscor. She has a no-nonsense personality and isn't shy to comment on other's personal lives. As leader of the Silverfang Tribe in Liscor, she is dedicated to their purpose and welfare, and is passionate about achieving their goal for the Meeting of the Tribes.

While Krshia is usually an easygoing person to go along with, she shares an intense and public rivalry with Lism. However, this enmity slightly fades when they teamed up against the previous Council of Liscor, and eventually becomes a romantic connection. Additionally, she tends to be strict with her younger family members and Mrsha, and not afraid to twist their ears or spank them.


Ten years ago, Krshia moved to Liscor and started to collect spellbooks to deliver them during the gathering of all Gnoll tribes that occurs every decade with the hopes that Gnolls could have their very own [Mages].[3]

She was a long-time rival to the competing [Shopkeeper] Lism, and was the leading figure among the Gnolls of her tribe, who also make up a significant portion of the Gnolls in Liscor ever since Krshia's part of the tribe settled there.

Her preferred weapon is the bow.


Volume 1[]

Krshia was among the first citizens of Liscor to befriend Erin Solstice after her arrival. She became the main provider of goods towards Erin, as her system revolved around taking a list of desired merchandise from her customer, and then find the best source for those wares and deliver them to the customer, greatly simplifying their shopping experience.

During Skinner's Attack on Liscor, Krshia and her Gnolls set up on the roofs of Liscor and shot at the invading Undead.[4]

Volume 2[]

Ryoka reported to her that the Named Adventurer Gazi had killed the Gnoll [Shaman] traveling to Liscor, so Krshia investigated Gazi and acted when Gazi attempted to kidnap Erin and Ryoka.[5]

Krshia was among those who helped Erin after Toren's mishap destroyed the First Wandering Inn, and helped building the Second Wandering Inn.

Krshia's shop and collection of spellbooks were burned down by Lyonette du Marquin when Krshia successfully apprehended the [Thief] who was of great concern to all of Market Street. In the immediate aftermath of Krshia's loss however, the exiled-to-die Lyonette was taken in by Erin Solstice, which greatly soured Erin's relationship with all Gnolls of Liscor. Krshia stepped in to protect Erin from Brunkr, but refused to deal with the [Innkeeper] until Ryoka Griffin returned and took over the massive debt.[3] A main reason that won her over was the two Human girls being willing to take care of Mrsha. While Krshia was herself sympathetic to the orphaned girl, her white fur made it hard to keep Mrsha inside Liscor's Gnoll community.

Volume 3[]


Volume 5[]

Right before the Goblin Lord's attack on Liscor, Krshia, Mrsha, and a group of Gnolls cast [Everdawn's Radiance]. It is revealed that Krshia was once apprenticed to a [Shaman].


Volume 6[]

With the help of Watch Captain Zevara and Selys the [Heiress], Krshia launches her campaign for councilwoman. Her main campaign goals were expanding Liscor's walls with the help of the Antinium, lowering the cost of rent, and Gnoll equality.


Volume 7[]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Councilwoman] Lv. 11[6]
  • [Huntress] Lv. ?[6]
  • [Royal Shopkeeper] Lv. 33[6]
    • [Trader] Class Consolidated to it.[6]
  • [Shaman] Lv. ?[6]


  • [Appreciating in Value]
  • [Imperial Appraiser] (replaced [Quality Scent])
    • Allows the selection of high quality goods.[7]
  • [Rapid Shot]
  • [Silvertouched Wares]
  • [Spot Deception]


  • Tier 1:
    • [Everdawn’s Radiance]


  • While Krshia appeared for the first time in Ch 1.13, her name was only revealed in Ch 1.20 and her surname in Ch 2.05.
  • She is strong enough to bench press lift, 218 pounds in one go.[8]
  • She hates mint flavor tea.[9]
  • While she and Lism once hated each other. Over the the first year of Erin’s arrival, both slowly became romantically involved with the other. Neither attempted to kickstart the relationship first, but it instead happened when both were drunk.