Ksmvr was formerly the new Prognugator of Liscor's Antinium Hive. Now he is a member of the Horns of Hammerad.

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Ksmvr had originally four arms. The lower right one is, however, missing, of which only a jagged stump remains.[1]

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Powers and Abilities Edit

Within the Hive his strength is considered to be equal to a Silver-rank adventurer.

Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Warrior] at least Lv.17[2][3] (Leveled at least one time after the Face-Eater Moth attack)

Skills: Edit

  • [Quick Slash]

Equipment Edit

  • Cloak designed to protect from mundane arrows.
  • Claw necklace enchanted with Food Poisoning Resisting.
  • [Barkskin] Ring[4]
  • Ring of Jumping
  • Flamespread Dagger
  • Ring of Waterbreathing
  • Sword with the Weight Enchantment.
  • Shortsword enchanted with Basic Hardening.
  • Bow that can shoot twice as far.
  • Enchanted Arrows. (x?)

Trivia Edit

  • Ksmvr is the only person who can annoy Pisces and not the other way around.[5]

Quotes Edit

Volume 1 Edit

  • (To Erin) “Good evening. Am I speaking to the [Innkeeper] known as Erin Solstice?”
  • (To Zevara) “Liscor may. But the Hive shall never be taken, even if ten thousand undead should attack.”
  • (To himself) “The Hive is all. The Queen is all.”
  • (To Zevara) “I did not order it. did not. The Queen did not either. He—”

Volume 2 Edit

  • (To Erin) “I came here to find you. You gave Pawn purpose and Klbkch thinks highly of you. I…don’t know what to do. I am a failure.”

Volume 3 Edit

  • (To Pisces for the 38th time) “What is the artifact? I still do not understand. Please enlighten me, comrade Pisces.”
  • (To Erin) “This seems to be an acceptable form of remuneration. Here is your teleportation stone.”
  • (To Teriarch) “We are Silver-ranked adventurers. The Horns of Hammerad. May I ask why you have blocked our path?”
  • (To Teriarch) “If you let me live I will not cease until you or I lie dead.”

Volume 4 Edit

  • (To Ryoka) “I note these swords are not reacting despite their apparent enchantments. May I hold both, or will I burst into flame and die in excruciating agony?”
  • (To Drake) “I would be insulted if he did not use my body.”
  • (To Drake) “Animating a fallen teammate’s corpse is the only sound tactical decision to be made in a combat situation. Or would you prefer to let your comrades lie where they fall?”
  • (To Selys) “But that makes no sense. I object most strongly to this rule. Are you implying that my corpse has no tactical value in combat?”
  • (To Selys) “I can assure you that my deceased form is quite operable in many situations so long as it has not been dissected, disintegrated, incinerated, consumed, possessed, liquefied, or—”
  • (To Yellow Splatters) “I am a former Prognugator of the Hive. That gives me no authority.”
  • (To Yellow Splatters) “No authority. At all. But I am led to understand that this sword gives me all the authority I need. Move and I will injure you non-lethally but in a very painful way.”
  • (To the others) “I thought I was predator. Am I prey? Why did they attempt to eat me? Have I fallen so far down as to be food for food?”

Volume 5 Edit

  • (To Horns) “I believe I am able to function for at least four more days before expiring. In case anyone was concerned about my food consumption.”
  • (To himself) “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa—
  • (To Ceria) “I thought I could! Water! Water everywhere!
  • (To Horns) “Aaaaah! Aaaaah! Aaaaa—oh. We are not on the water any longer. That is good. Was I an asset to the team?”
  • (To Olesm, Zevara & Ceria) “Ah. I perceive my presence is unwelcome. Am I being a nuisance? Please inform me directly when I am and I will take note of my behavior.”
  • (To Adventurers) “Yes. You were staring hard at the Goblin without ears for quite some time. So was everyone else. May I ask what the issue is? Is he horribly disfigured or is this a mark of some kind of sexual attractiveness I am not aware of?”

Chapter Appearances Edit

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