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Ksmvr was formerly the new Prognugator of Liscor's Antinium Hive. Now he is a member of the Horns of Hammerad.


Ksmvr had originally four arms, as he was created to look exactly as normal Antinium Workers. The lower right arm is now missing after his duel with Klbkch, of which only a jagged stump remains.[1]


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Ksmvr had been created by the Free Queen and was then trained by Klbkch in the duties of a Prognugator for years, until he was prematuredly advanced to become a Prognugator himself.


Ksmvr was put in charge of his role as Prognugator after the death of Klbkch. Unlike his predecessor, Ksmvr didn't have any compassion, likely due to the rigorous training that Klbkch had him do. After some time of quietly organizing the Workers in the Hive, Ksmvr went after the Individuals that had by now surfaced among the Antinium, and believing them to be Aberrations, Ksmvr tortured Pawn until he could be convinced they were true individuals. He also intended to kidnap Erin and hold her captive in the hive, a plan that was prevented and abandoned however.

He made his most egregious tactical error during Skinner's Attack on Liscor, when he withheld all aid from the city in order to protect the Free Queen as she finished the Rite of Anastases to resurrect Klbkch. After Klbkch was alive again, he called Ksmvr a fool and took command as the new Revalantor of their hive, and eventually relieved Ksmvr of all his duties towards the Free Antinium.[1]

Soon after being relieved of his duties (and also one of his arms), Ksmvr joined the newly-reformed Horns of Hammerad, displaying a marked departure from his previous cold attitude. Lacking any other purpose in life, he devoted himself to his new teammates with an intensity bordering on the suicidal, often offering or attempting to sacrifice his own well-being for their sakes.

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Powers and Abilities[]

Within the Hive his strength is considered to be equal to a Silver-rank adventurer.


  • [Brave Skirmisher] Lv. 30
    • Derived from [Warrior] → [Skirmisher]
  • [Teammate] Lv. 5
  • [Animal Friend] Lv. 2


  • [Comforting Petting]
  • [Evasive Flip]
  • [Focus of Ire]
  • [Knuckles of Iron]
  • [Piercing Strikes]
  • [Power Shot]
  • [Quick Movement]
  • [Quick Slash]
  • [Sense Affection (Platonic)]
  • [Stronger Together]
  • [Surefoot]
  • [Surpass Limits]
  • [Swift Rearmament]
  • [Threefold Shot]
  • [Weapon Art – Aggregate Volley]

(For Leveling History see Here)



  • Cloak of Arrow Protection = Enchanted to protect from mundane arrows. (Broken)[3]
  • Shortsword of Hardening = Shortsword enchanted with Basic Hardening. (Broken)[3]


  • His Age was revealed in Ch 6.18 H.
  • Ksmvr is the only person who can annoy Pisces and not the other way around.[6]