Lael is the high commander of Jecrass’ armies.

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Lael used to served in Belchan as a [Commander] with distinction until she’d been disciplined for striking a [Politician] for what she claimed was a bribery attempt. She’d been demoted until [King] Raelt, who was looking for a supreme military commander for his nation, contacted her.

He’d promoted Lael because Jecaina, his daughter, had suggested her, and because of her loyalty which he considered more valuable than her levels, and Lael had proven herself over the years as incorruptible, at least to the River Wardens. She had even fought some splendidly mundane battles against Jecrass’ northern neighbors, pushing back incursions into Jecrass.[1]

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  • [General] Lv. 27[1]
    • Promoted from [Commander][1]

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  • She is one of the few people trusted to just walk in Raelt's chambers.[1]

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