Laken Godart is a blind human, who just like many others from Earth, was teleported to Innworld.

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Laken is barely five feet eleven inches tall.

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Classes/Levels: Edit

  • [Emperor] Lv. 20
  • [Beast Tamer] Lv. 9

Skills: Edit

  • [Animals: Basic Command]
  • [Aura of the Emperor]
  • [Blessing of the Hearth]
  • [Group: Surge of Inspiration]
  • [Imperial Levy]
  • [Intimidating Glare]
  • [King’s Bounty]
  • [Lesser Bond: Frostwing]
  • [Lesser Bond: Bismarck]
  • [Rallying Presence]

Empire Skills: Edit

Skills that effect Laken's Empire.

  • [Art of the Builder]
  • [Blacksky Riders]
  • [Fields of Bounty]
  • [Low-born Militias]

Unique Skills: Edit

  • [Undying Loyalty]

Abilities: Edit

  • Fluent in German[1]

(For Leveling History see Here)

Equipment Edit

  • iPhone Siri

Trivia Edit

  • Laken is part German, coming from his mother's side who married his father in France. Laken grew up, however, all over Europe. [2] At some point though, he moved to San Francisco, where he lived until he was teleported to another world.[3]
  • His age was revealed in Ch 3.40.

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Volume 3 Edit

  • (To Prost) “Ah, but I’d keep trying to milk the bull, and that wouldn’t end up well for anyone, would it?”
  • (To Durene) “Hear my words, that they may be passed down for posterity. On this day, I, Laken Godart, declare myself Emperor of the Unseen, sovereign lord and ruler of all I survey. Not only Emperor; I declare myself Protector of Durene’s House as well.”
  • (To himself) “Das war ja einfach!” (Translation = That was Easy!)
  • (To Durene) “I knight you, Durene. I name you as my [Paladin], my foremost champion who will protect and serve me. Will you do this?”
  • (To Reichsgräfin) “Then I grant you that position for as long as my empire exists. To the end of time, an Emperor’s word on it.”
  • (To Prost) “Mister Prost. I will come back. Riverfarm is my home, now. This is my empire. I will return. You have my word as an [Emperor] on it.”
  • (To BlackMage) “Call me L. I’m from our world as well. I just met [batman].”

Volume 4 Edit

  • (To Durene) “I am an [Emperor]. You know that. Gamel knows that. And I know that. That fact will never change. Why should what other people say or believe matter? I know who I am. That’s all I need.”
  • (To his people) “Fight, people of Riverfarm! Fight, folk of Windrest! Fight! You have sworn yourselves to me! Fight for your [Emperor]!”
  • (To his people) Stand. I see your lives like flames on the sea. You are mine. The water will not touch you. The wind cannot quench your fire. So long as I live, your fates and mine burn together. I do not give you permission to die. So stand—and show me nothing but victory.
  • (Massage to Rie) “Lady Rie. I thank you for your gift. Though it is humble, I seek to return the favor. In this dire hour, I offer you the gift of swords.”

Volume 5 Edit

  • (To the Fae) “My lords and ladies of the court? I invite you to share this banquet at your discretion. My lands are open to all those of my empire on this day. Come, if thou would.”
  • (To Bevia) “Why not? Humans are at least capable of what Drakes and other species are. Perhaps more. This device is one small step. But I am sure that humanity has much, much further to go.”
  • (To Rags) “It’s a good plan. It might have worked. But I’m sorry, Chieftain Rags. There will be no peace.”
  • (To Rags) “You slaughtered my people. You killed them. And Durene—I think you’ve taken too much from me, Rags. Your race started this war. I escalated it. For that I am sorry. But too many have died.”
  • (To his people) “Take the Goblins. Do not let them escape. Do not rest until they are all dead.”
  • (To Yitton) “Sin, Lord Yitton. Sin, and guilt. Evidence of it, at any rate. Did you make contact with your children?”
  • (To Yitton) “If you’re asking me to let them go or kill them, the answer is no, Yitton. Mark my words. If anyone harms them, soldier or noble or adventurer, they will pay. Spread the word.”

Volume 6 Edit

  • (To Durene, via Nesor) “I’m sorry, Durene. I’ve made a lot of mistakes. The Goblins are not all evil. I’m afraid. Terribly afraid they’re people. In which case I’m more monster than they are.”
  • (To Yitton) “Well, among friends, I’d insist on it. Otherwise, an [Emperor] is quite lonely. And unapproachable. That makes a tyrant, I imagine.”
  • (To Yitton) “Damn his dogs! People are dying!
  • (To his people) “Mister Prost. My people. I’ve missed you so dearly. You and Riverfarm. I have been gone too long. At last, I have returned. Hear me. I am your [Emperor]. And I have come back.”

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References Edit

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