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Laken Godart is a born blind Earther, that was teleported to Innworld. After he was able to make himself an [Emperor], he is leading his own Empire, the Unseen Empire. Together with him are; his lover Durene, the farmer inhabitants of Riverfarm, [Lady] Rie Valerund and the [Witches] who settled in his Empire.


Laken claims to be 1.84 m tall, which translates to 6’1 feet,[2] but he admits to be barely five feet eleven inches tall.[3]

He looks younger than his real age of 24.[1]


He remains remarkably calm on the outside even in stressful situations.[2]


He has two fairly affluent parents, one a lawyer, the other a businessman. His mother is of German origin, she married his father in France. He grew up all over Europe and traveled around a lot when he grew up.[1] He has, for example, been to China (Beijing and Hong Kong) and Netherlands (Lisse). His first language might be German, but he seems more fluent in English, so his education could also have been bilingual. He studied a lot of potential professions and things, among them cook, food critic, playing billiards and disassembling old computers.[2]

He was living in the United States for while already, and had already been to New York as well. He was transported from Earth to Innworld, leaving behind his best friend Zoe in a food court in a mall in San Francisco where they were eating a bacon quiche.[2]


The Seal of his Unseen Empire

On the day of his arrival in Riverfarm, he met Durene, a girl who lived near the village of Riverfarm. They became friends and lovers, and he freely told her about Earth while she introduced him to the features of her own world.

After his first week in the new world, Laken founded the Unseen Empire in Durene's cottage, which was the first of his "holdings" and she his first willing subject.

for a chronology of the Unseen Empire, see: Unseen Empire
to do: more personal chronology of Laken's adventures

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Emperor] Lv. 25
  • [Beast Tamer] Lv. 9


  • [Animals: Basic Command]
  • [Aura of the Emperor]
  • [Group: Surge of Inspiration]
  • [Imperial Levy]
  • [Intimidating Glare]
  • [King’s Bounty]
  • [Lesser Bond: Frostwing]
  • [Lesser Bond: Bismarck]
  • [Natural Allies: Sariant Lamb]
  • [Pact: The Hard-Working Lamb (Sariant)]
  • [Rallying Presence]

Empire Skills:[]

Skills that effect Laken's Empire.

  • [Art of the Builder]
  • [Blacksky Riders]
  • [Blessing of the Hearth]
  • [Fields of Bounty]
  • [Low-born Militias]
  • [Will of the Beasts]

Unique/Created Skills:[]

  • [Undying Loyalty]


  • Fluent in German[4]

(For Leveling History see Here)


  • iPhone Siri