Lancrel was a Human city, located in the Northern part of Izril.

Chronology Edit

As the Flooded Waters Tribe was fleeing Riverfarm’s Blacksky Riders, Rags had the Tribe take the city.[1]

Afterwards the city was besieged with Lancrel’s trebuchets to take down the walls or flush the Goblins out.[2] This had the side-effect of damaging the city farther.[3]

After Tyrion’s army came, they used a [Siege Fireball] on the city to driven out the Goblins.[4]

It is currently unknown if the city is intact enough to be reclaimable by it's former citizens or not - Beatica claimed that it's not.

Layout Edit

RiverfarmArea Map

Map of the Unseen Empire, including post-destruction Lancrel (artist's rendition)

The city was surrounded by 20 feet, wooden wall.[1]

Government Edit

Lancrel was ruled by a civilian council.

Known Members: Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In chapter 5.30 G, the city name was accidentally changed into Muerfurt. At that point, it had only been named Lancrel once, in chapter 5.23, and neither name for the city was mentioned again until Book 6, when it was fixed at Lancrel.

References Edit

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