Lancrel was a Human city, located in the Northern part of Izril.

Chronology Edit

As the Flooded Waters Tribe was fleeing Riverfarm’s Darksky Riders, Rags had the Tribe take the city.[1]

Afterwards the city was besieged with Lancrel’s trebuchets to take down the walls or flush the Goblins out.[2] This had the side-effect of damaging the city farther.[3]

After Tyrion’s army came, they used a [Siege Fireball] on the city to driven out the Goblins.[4]

It is currently unknown if the city is intact enough to be reclaimable by it's former citizens or not - Beatica claimed that it's not.

Layout Edit

RiverfarmArea Map

Map of the Unseen Empire, including post-destruction Lancrel (artist's rendition)

The city was surrounded by 20 feet, wooden wall.[1]

Government Edit

Lancrel was ruled by a civilian council.

Known Members: Edit

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References Edit

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