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Lehra Ruinstrider, also known as the Stargnoll, is a Gnoll from the Ruinstrider Tribe, the leader of Stargazer’s Promise, a Named-rank Adventurer Team, and the bearer of the relic-class artifact, the Blade of Mershi.


She has blondish fur, and her eyes have mix of yellow and brown colouring, a rarity among Gnoll.[1]


Lehra is a cheerful, optimistic young woman, bordering happy-go-lucky. Despite her status as a Named Adventurer, she is very casual with others, possessing a magnetic personality.


The Ruinstrider Tribe was hired by Wall Lord Dragial to search for clues regarding the lost Walled City of Mershi. Lehra uncovered the Blade of Mershi in an unknown ruin, which chose her to be its wielder. Her adventurer group, the Stargazer's Promise was promoted to Named-rank thanks to her. However, Dragial began chasing after her, obssessed with recovering the relic and finding Mershi, while Fissival also put a bounty on her.[1]


Volume 7[]

TBA From Interlude – The Tribes of Izril

Volume 8[]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Magic Warrior] Lv. ?


  • [Deflecting Slashes]



  • After finding the Blade of Mershi, Lehra was directly promoted to Named-rank from Silver-rank. However, she is still considered a rookie by Shriekblade.[2] She is also advised by Fetohep to train more.[3]
  • She has not been acknowledged as Named-rank by Fissival and a number of Adventurer Guilds.[4]


  • (To Niila) “Sorry! Niila, stop shooting spells! You’re going to hit someone!
  • (To Niila) “Dead gods, you’ve said the same thing for the last year! Let it go, Niila! I—ulp!”
  • (To Suxhel) “I was admiring pottery! Niila’s after us! Let’s go—where are the others?
  • (To Dragial) “I don’t know! Stop bothering me! I have to get to the Meeting of Tribes and you’re not invited!”
  • (To herself) “Holy not-my-Ancestors!
  • (To Suxhel) “They have more kids, that’s the difference. Like—you know, Humans have as many as eight children. Who does that? Not Gnolls or Drakes. Imagine having them on the move. That’s why they’re everywhere. They’re sexual fiends. I heard that somewhere.”