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Leon is an Earther from Poland, that was teleported to Innworld. He and six other Earthers, were for a time under Lady Magnolia's care.




He and his group, where in Chicago airport as International Students visiting the United States, when they got teleported to Innworld. He and 5 others appeared in Invrisil in the middle of nowhere, then got arrested by soldiers, until Lady Magnolia arrived and got them out of prison and took them at her home.[1]


Powers and Abilities[]





  • (To Erin) “We’re going to find a way to go back home. Through a magical portal or something. Or a spell. There has to be one.”
  • (To Erin) “Wait—do you have hamburgers? I saw that on the menu, but someone ate mine.”
  • (To his group of Earthers) “But how does she have all this? I mean—do you think she actually has a higher level? She’s only been here what, a few months?”
  • (To his group of Earthers) “Those are a lot of rocks. Were they here…when we started walking?”
  • (To Grimalkin) “The Reinharts, as members of the Five Families of Izril, are not always the allies of the Walled Cities of Izril. Quite the opposite.”
  • (To everyone) “No, I’m not. I hate it here. Everyone else has something, I don’t. So I’ll go. This inn—you know what? Fuck this inn, you too, Kevin. I’m out.”
  • (To Wistram Earthers) “Yeah, we were all at this inn, but we had to leave because…well, a lot of bad stuff happened. We survived Creler attacks, and other monsters—I decided to come here.”