Levil is a Silver-rank Adventurer and the Captain of the Pithfire Hounds.

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  • [Pyromancer] Lv. ?

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  • [Fireball]

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  • (To Ryoka) “Thanks. Now, can we buy you a drink? We’d love to talk if you’re not busy…? And I’m dying to know how you cast that wind spell. I’m a [Pyromancer], by the way. That’s our party. Fire and dogs.”
  • (To Tally) “So she’s going to hire the best Runner in the city. And Reizmelt has no Couriers. Who’s the best City Runner in Reizmelt, then?”
  • (To Tally) “We’re aiming left. Wait for my signal. Why do you think everyone else isn’t giving me grief? They’ve figured it out!”

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