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Liska is a Gnoll, and Ishkr’s younger sister.


Like her older brother, she has red-brown fur and looks rather like him, except younger.[1]


Unlike her brother, Liska is always irritable and possesses a poor work ethic. While she follows most orders, she's willing to ditch work to have fun and resents being bossed around by Ishkr.

She is a Turnscale, which her brother tries to hide. She also has anarchist tendencies and belongs eith a group of friends that follows Sellme.



During the riots that started all over the world, including Liscor, because of The Golden Triangle, in The Wandering Inn, Ishkr was worried about his sister, Liska, because she was missing. He had been asking Erin and anyone else if they had seen her, and was planning to go look for her, but was stopped by the others because it was dangerous in the city. While still worried he believing that she may be okay as it was possible that she was with the rioters, and went to help wait tables to occupy himself.

Drassi having heard about the situation, and happen to know more about Liska than others, would later talk about her to Erin and reveal that she was a Turnscale, as she preferred females over males, which is why Ishkr doesn't want her found in front of everyone, except for him and Erin.

Ishkr would later eventually find her, much to his relieve.[2]


Powers and Abilities[]




  • She was mentioned for the first time as Ishkr’s having a sister in Ch 7.30, and her name was revealed in Ch 7.31.


  • (To Ishkr) “Bite me, Isk. Why couldn’t I get another job? I don’t want to…”
  • (To Saliss) “Hello. Welcome to The Wandering Inn. Read this sign—oh. It’s you. Nevermind.”
  • (To herself) “How, though? Is it…lots…and lots of oil? Is he really, really small? Or do they have a contraption? Or maybe—”
  • (To Thronebearers) “No killing Goblins. Okay, I said it. You kill Goblins, you die. You can look around for a while, but we’re not open.”