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Lism Swifttail is a Drake shopkeeper in Liscor and Olesm's uncle. He is a member of Liscor’s Council.


Lism has an obnoxious and stubborn personality. He can be bigoted particularly against Humans though gradually he does soften up to some extent. Despite this racism, he does take his shopkeeping seriously and is seen as one of the top two shopkeepers on Market Street in Liscor.[1] He is excellent at spotting trends and has a habit of staying in on a bet or gamble that later pays off.

For the most part, Lism's prejudices stems from conservative values and an aversion of outsiders coming into his beloved city. However, he later recognizes the positive changes to Liscor brought by 'outsiders' such as Erin Solstice and the Gnolls. Ultimately, he changes his ways, allowing Antinium to help build parts of the city and implementing a plan to 'steal' high-level Gnoll workers from Cellidel.[2]

Lism dotes on his nephew,[3] and has a soft spot of children, while also funding a program for helping those in need. He has a soft spot for children.


He has red and purple colored scales.[4]



Volume 1:[]

When Erin first came into Liscor looking for food, Lism was the one to sell to her though he vastly overcharged her for the basic supplies while insulting her.[5] Later on, Erin came back to get her money back and Lism sets up a bet with the money on the line. He proposed that his nephew, Olesm would be able to beat Erin in a game of chess. If Olesm won, Erin had to leave and if Erin won he would pay back the coin he'd taken from her besides the few silver it should have cost her.[6] Erin won the bet and bought Lism's chessboard as well.[7]

Volume 2:[]

In Volume 2, Lism acted to continuously rile up crowds against the thief that burned down Krshia's stall. He used this opportunity to spread anti-human rhetoric when possible against the thief but also aimed at Erin.[8][9]

Volume 6:[]

As time passed, Lism continued to rant against the human presence in Liscor[10] along with other topics ranging from Goblins to Antinium. His shouting had varying levels of success depending on the agitation of the crowd or recent events. This came to a peak when the gnolls demanded an election to give themselves the chance at spots on the city council and Lism decided to run against Krshia.[1][11] He ran on a campaign of drake supremacy working off of the people's fears of humans and antinium. Eventually, he did win a council seat alongside Krshia.[12]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Shopkeeper] Lv. ?



  • While Lism appeared for the first time in Ch 1.13, his name was only revealed in Ch 1.20 and his surname officially in Ch 6.29.
  • Once, Relc injured Lism while idly practicing dagger-throwing.[13]
  • He dislikes sugary things.[12]
  • Someone tried to drown him in the baths, however half the city thought it a pity that they didn't finish the job. The Watch didn’t investigate who tried to drown him, making Lism think they’re showing favoritism.