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Lism Swifttail is a Drake shopkeeper in Liscor and Olesm's uncle. As of Volume 6, he is now a Member of Liscor’s Democratic Council.



He has red and purple colored scales.[1]



Lism ripped off Erin when she showed him all her money, which was three gold coins and change. He then sold her an amount of food that was way overpriced; insulting her all the way.[2]

Eventually, Erin returned to his stall and demanded her money back. This lead to her challenging him to a chess game, and he let Olesm play against her on a bet.[3] When Olesm lost, Relc happily got involved and trashed Lism's store until he paid Erin what they had wagered: The money she had paid him and the chessboard.[4]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Shopkeeper] Lv. ?



  • While Lism appeared for the first time in Ch 1.13, his name was only revealed in Ch 1.20 and his surname officially in Ch 6.29.
  • Once, Relc injured Lism while idly practicing dagger-throwing.[5]
  • He considers that killing Humans is not a murder.[6]
  • Lism hates sugary things.[7]
  • Someone tried to drown him in the baths, however half the city thought it a pity that they didn't finish the job. The Watch didn’t investigate who tried to drown him, making Lism think they’re showing favoritism.