Lizardfolk are humanoid Lizards and one of the races of Innworld.

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To an extent, Lizardfolk are a race naturally inclined towards magic.[1]

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Some of them can breathe underwater.[2]

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Unlike Goblins, who have just the possibility to become Hobogoblins, Lizardfolk have numerous evolution paths. Unfortunately, most Lizardfolk don't evolve at all. The majority that do become Nagas, Gorgons, Lamias. Gorgons are huge fighters. Nagas are smaller, but very strong—it’s the kind of form Lizardfolk turn into most of the time if they don’t have a set path. Whereas Lamia are small, but have larger brains.That is not the end, though. After having gained a new form, it is possible to change even further. For instance, Lamias could become Star Lamias.

It’s very complex and some people think they all belong to different species, which is not the case.[3]

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Under yet to be revealed conditions, members of the Lizardfolk can turn themselves into Nagas.[4]

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The Lizardfolk live usually near water.[2]

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While Drakes strongly dislike it if someone mistakes them with the Lizardfolk and they don't see them favourably at all, the Lizardfolk seem to be rather nonchalant about it, showing that the feud is more one-sided.[5]

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