Ser Lorell is a [Summer Knight] of the Order of Seasons.

Appearance Edit

In his beard there are a few strands of white already.[1]

Personality Edit

He is a veteran [Summer Knight] and clearly set in his traditional ways. He takes issue with recruiting non-humans as [Knights], while his fellow [Knights] are less outspoken prejudiced.

At times, he can get teacherly.

Background Edit

Lorell comes at least from lower nobility, perhaps more. However, he never fought in a war.

He is well-studied and has a position training many [Knights] in their Season as a mentor.

Chronology Edit

He didn't flinch from battle and volunteered to battle Belavierr.

He arrived in Riverfarm through the grand ritual together with 28 other [Knights], led by Ser Raim. Nine Seasonal [Knights] perished, but the rest of them left Riverfarm directly after Belavierr won the fight, since back in Terandria, [Knight Commander] Calirn didn't wish to declare Belavierr an enemy of the Order.

The group of [Knights] that remained then traveled Izril. Lorell was the most senior among their numbers, and led them together with Chise, Thornst and Talia. As a group, they met the Goblin Slayer and slew a group of Ogres.[1]

Powers and Abilities Edit

Classes/Levels Edit

  • [Spring Knight], Lv. ?[1]

Skills Edit

Like most senior seasonal [Knights], he has an Aura Skill.

Equipment Edit

Trivia Edit

Quotes Edit

  • (To Ingrela) “Sing of the evil we witnessed, and shout of the battles we fought and saw done! Or will you say that Ser Reim died a failure? Should we look to our own failures first and speak of woe and terror, or remember the champion who died?”
  • (To Rabbiteater) “That is to say, your task is a noble one. And the path of a [Knight] is one of worth! Let us at least speak to you of valor.”

References Edit

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