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Luan Khumalo is an Earther from South Africa who was transported to Baleros. He used to be a sculler training in for the Olympics.


He has dark brown eyes, short hair[2] and dark black skin, and is six and a half feet tall, with long arms and a muscled body.[1] On his right arm, just below the wrist,[3] he has the names of his wife and son; Nandi and Lubanzi, tattooed in gold.[4]





Luan encountered a ghostly apparition in the night of the Winter Solstice while rowing his boat alone. He refused to touch her.[5]

Luan has been recently bothered by [Toughs] who want to rough him up as part of a bounty that Xol put on Luan's head. This has made an impact on his job as a city runner.[5]

Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Peerless Marathon Sculler] Lv. 36
    • Derived from [Expert Rower] Lv. 28[6]
    • Class Consolidation: [Athlete]
  • [Medic] Lv. 4[6]
  • [Soldier] Lv. 6[6]

Former Classes[]

  • [Athlete] Lv. 16[6]
    • Derived from [Swimmer] at Lv. 10
    • Consolidated to [Peerless Marathon Sculler]


  • [Anchor Balance]
  • [Boat: Lightweight Craft]
  • [Boat: Spray Cutter]
  • [Body: Water Retention]
  • [Contest of Champions (Vigor)]
  • [Enhanced Durability – Oars]
  • [Greater Endurance]
  • [Indefinite Flotation]
  • [Lesser Strength]
  • [Mana Conversion – Sustenance]
  • [Only my Challengers Shall Advance]
  • [Power Strokes]
  • [Razorblade Oars]
  • [Second Wind]
  • [The Messenger’s Shortcut]
  • [Two Hundred Pound Stroke]
  • [Wave Sense]

Original Skills:[]

  • [Ship: Kayak Roll]
  • [Time of the Olympian]


  • Fluent in English, Afrikaans, Zulu and Tswana.[1]
  • Passably proficient in Japanese.


  • iPhone (Password is 6822)[6]


  • He is from South Africa.[1]
  • Luan is, according to himself, a bit of a "weeaboo".[1]


  • (To Ken) “It’s a war, Ken. Believe me, wars are never safe.”
  • (To Marian) “I’m afraid that arrogant cow’s right, Miss…Marian. I’m not good off the water.”
  • (To Venaz) “Venaz is a terrible name for a Minotaur. You should change it.”
  • (To Umina) “Then win. There’s honor in sports. But this sport is all about cheating. Or so it seems. So win. And have all your regrets afterwards. But win.
  • (To [Bounty Hunters] Lizardfork) “You’re crazy! The Bushrangers will have your neck frills! I’ll tell the Nagas on you!
  • To Dancing Man:
    • “I nearly did. I offered her my oar. But she wanted my hand. And the more I looked—the warier I became. She was an old woman at first. Then a young one. Then in her middle years. She didn’t climb onto my boat. She didn’t take the oar. She wanted my hand.
    • “I thought so. My answer is the same. I do not care what you are. Devil. Demon. You won’t take my soul. I deny you.”
    • “Because I’m good at this. The best. I don’t want to be a [Warrior]. Or kill.”
  • (To Fraerlings) “Me? I come from another world. Another world, without magic, where there are only Humans and other species, magic, it’s all a story. We’re here now. A bunch of lost people trying to get home. Nothing big.”