Luciva Skybreath is a True Oldblood Drake and the Dragonspeaker of Manus.

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Luciva has blue scales, as blue and pale as the open sky, mixed with white, and, a rarity, yellow.[1]

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14 years ago Luciva started ruling Manus.[1]

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  • Lightning Breath
  • Flying

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  • Fang of Manus, also known as Parentkiller. A Glaive, with the air around it crackling with an unspent thunder of electricity. It is said that it could damage Manus’ walls.
  • A cold-blue metal Helmet crafted to fit her Drake skull. It emits vapor even in a cool room.
  • A Dragonscales Armor made of wide, shimmering scales of every color, which flashed as they caught the light.
  • Boots whose soles never touched the ground, made of a leather from a hide no one could name.

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