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Lyonette de Marquin is the third daughter and a royal [Princess], and sixth in line to the Throne of Calanfer Kingdom. Although she is royalty, she was forced to resort to thievery in order to survive. After being caught by the Liscor Guard Watch, she was exiled, though saved by Erin Solstice, where she introduced herself as one of the Clavalettes, a member from a minor Noble House.


She has bright blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Is stated to have red hair, and she is roughly a head shorter than Yvlon Byres.


Lyon's personality has slightly changed over the course of the story. At the beginning, she was overly dramatic, lazy, spoiled and rude. She has no qualms stealing from 'peasants.'

Since being taken in by Erin though, she's slightly more inclined to work, for the sake of leveling. Although she dislikes the [Barmaid] class because it is a class used by peasants, she loves leveling.

She abhors anything that isn't human, excluding Mrsha. After Erin was gone from Liscor however, she overcame her fear of the Antinium and fed Pawn.


Feeling useless at her home in Terandria, she ran away and booked a passage to Izril. After having arrivied there, she had to escape from various monsters and with no food or money had to struggle not to starve to death.

Lyonette came to Liscor with one of the caravans, though probably without their knowledge, that traveled there after having heard about the new discovered dungeon. As she had no money, she stole, with the assisstance of her magicla artifacts, food and clothes in order to survive. Eventually, Krshia Silverfang and several other Gnoll merchants used Krshia's stall to bait the Princess. Although they succeeded in catching her, it also resulted in the destruction of Krshia's stall, and more importantly, in the destruction of various spellbooks that were collected by Krishia's tribe, ruining the work of the last decade.

Liscor's Watch was wary of executing a possibly noble-born or the child of an important figure. As a result, the child was exiled from Liscor (Lacking proper resources, this is akin to a death sentence - However this way, Liscor can claim that the death was not their fault).

Selys, a friend of Erin Solstice, struck a bargain with the Necromancer Pisces. In exchange for notifying Erin of the Princess' situation, Selys will make Pisces a Bronze-Ranked adventurer. This bargain proved worthwhile - Erin hired the Princess (as hinted at the end of chapter 2.20).

In the following chapter (2.01 T), following Toren's POV, the Princess is shown to have been placed under Toren's tutelage.

Powers and Abilities


  • [Princess] Lv. ?
  • [Barmaid] Lv. 4


  • [Lesser Stamina]
  • [Basic Cooking]


  • [Light]


  • It took around 50 chapters for her identity to be revealed.
  • It had been so long, since she leveled up before she did so in her [Barmaid] class that she’d almost forgotten what leveling up was like.[1]
  • She loves Dogs.


  • (To Erin) “I intend to go north as soon as possible. I will not stay another minute in this—this hellhole of abominations and freaks!”
  • (To Erin) “Am I not your guest? And I am—weak. Why would you force me to work?”
  • (To Erin about Ceria) “She’s a freak! An untrustworthy spy and troublemaker! I insist she leave at once!”
  • (To Erin) “You consort with the dead? What kind of twisted monster are you? I defy your magic, [Necromancer]!”
  • (To Erin)“I may have—that is not important! I am noble! I will not be sullied with a—commoner’s class!”
  • (To Reynold) “I demand to be taken along!”
  • (To Erin) “…Are you unwell in the head? How will a frying pan kill monsters?”
  • (To Erin) “Wait, you killed a zombie? By yourself?”
  • (To Erin) “You are insane! I thought you were just unnatural, but you are clearly—insane!”