Appearance Edit

It is huge stone mace, carved so that the head looks like a screaming skull.[1]

Background Edit

When Vuliel Drae travelled through Liscor's Dungeon with Toren, they encountered a Raskghar wielding the mace. Had it not been Toren's immunity to the mace's effect, Vuliel Drae would have been killed by it, having no method to counter it.

Powers and Abilites Edit

When swung, the Mace of Howling emits a terrifying shriek, causing everyone in its vicinity to lose their concentration, possibly forcing them to their knees and clutch at their ears to block the sound,[1] which makes it a weapon worthy for a Gold-rank adventurer.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • The mace sold for thousands of gold coins, and ignited the passions of every adventurer within three hundred miles of Liscor.[2]

References Edit

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