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Madain, also known as Mad Madain, is the [Innkeeper] of the The Huntress’ Haven.

Madain (left) with Fierre (up right), drawn by Jack Enza


He looks like the word "burly" was invented for him.[1] He looks more like a bear himself.[2]


Madain is a gruff and notoriously unfriendly man who sees no use in socializing with his guests, unless they share his interests.

Madain likes hunting above all else, and does so during most of his day. He is also an alcoholic and has a bad temper when he is drunk. This goes so far that he can destroy his inn's furniture all by himself when he is in a rage.


Madain is known as a former Gold-ranked adventurer.[3] He quit his adventuring career to become an innkeeper, although he is not too successful in attracting customers aside from the rough adventuring types.

The Huntress’ Haven[]

Because of Madains uncivil personality, his inn only attracts customers who are down on their luck or who can tolerate his habits. The rooms are very cheap and the meals are always fresh. The meals are, however, mostly consisting of meat[1], and served bloody.[4]

There are several unwritten rules in the Huntress’ Haven that make it an odd inn.

  • You don't ask what meat is in the stew.[2]
  • Whenever Madain gets up and serves breakfast, all patrons are woken up with a broomstick to the wooden floors, need to quickly eat leftovers from the evening, and leave the inn until Madain comes back from hunting in the afternoon. The exact schedule varies depending on Madains mood, but the wake-up call may be very early in the morning.[1]

Madain has established this policy so that he doesn't need to worry about thieves. He has a standing promise to hunt thieves down if they do break in. Both Ryoka and Fierre, who were his patrons, did break into their own rooms during daytime in emergency cases. Madain also has no problem to lock patrons inside the inn, which means they have to leave the building via the windows on the first floor if they need to.[1]


Powers and Abilities[]


  • [Innkeeper] Lv. ?
  • [Javelineer] Lv. ?